Original Music

I made this song for my girlfriend because I always thought she needed a song that was as beautiful as she is. Unfortunately I'm not good enough at music to give her this, but I'm going to keep trying.
When I was first learning Buzz I made this as a test song to see how things worked. I ended up liking the song so much I decided to finish it. I was never able to think of a good name for it, but I consider it one of my best song.
The Letter W
I used to used to assign letters to songs that I wasn't sure what to name them until I eventually thought of a name. This was W (just in case you couldn't tell).
The Vidiot
A friend of mine sent me a CD with a lot of samples to use for music. It had a lot of samples from the movie Tron. I really wanted to use them in a song and this was the result.
Happy Clock
I had this little chime sample I really liked and wanted to use in a song. I think I used it a bit too much in this. At least it fits in with the name.
Fantasy (hard mix)
This is a modified version of Fantasy I made with a slightly harder sound to it.
This is the second "real" song I ever did. I really liked how it came out and it made me want to make more songs.

Video Game Remixes

Rise of the Viruses
This was going to be my third attempt to get a song on OverClocked ReMix, but after my first two attempts failed, I never bothered submitting it.
Robotnik's Revenge
This was my second attempt to get a song on OverClocked ReMix, but it failed too. I was tempted to redo this song in Buzz for a while, but decided not to.
Bubble Bobble Bop
I made this song to submit to OverClocked ReMix. They said it was an exact copy of the origional song with drums added. It was never put it on their web site.