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Wolfenhex's Art Studio Suite 2005 SE Delux Turbo Edition Version 3.2.8a


How do I save my picture to my hard drive?
Flash has no way to save an image to your hard drive (this is probably a good thing). The only thing you can do is take a screen shot then save that to your hard drive through an art program like "Paint".
How do I get out of the XML or Upload screens?
Click along the outside edge of the text area.
Why can't I undo when I clear the canvas?
Because when you press the clear button, it wipes everything so you have a completely fresh start.
Do you know you spelt "canvas" wrong?
I know, but it is almost impossible to fix this typo because it will make all the old artwork and saved files void.
Why are the color codes in decimal (base 10) instead of hexadecimal (base 16) like web pages use?
Because flash uses decimal for it's color codes, so it's just easier to leave everything in that instead of having to constantly convert it.
How do I edit the XML of a line?
Lines use "height" and "width" as their properties for the ending point of the line.
What are the XML locations relative to?
X and Y locations are relative to the canvas. All other locations are relative to the X and Y point.