The Logical Solution

Long ago, education was in a dark age. It was based off of religion and whatever dim facts existed at the time. Most people didn't have to be bright. They could learn very little and still live a regular life. This shadow spanned most of the human race's existence.

Then, education started to grow. Subjects started sprouting out of a jungle of knowledge. Science started to bloom and religion got pruned out. Humans began sending out roots, soaking up all the knowledge they could. But one little seedling was left behind; logic.

Logic is a simple method of calculating answers that a large percentage of subjects use. Everyone uses it to some degree, usually without even knowing. Unfortunately, logic is just a small fraction of math that is left to be learned at the prime of a child's life. This equates to people who don't understand logic, which just subtracted from the total amount of knowledge they can learn.

Logic should be taught at an early age to everyone and reinforced throughout their education, especially with the age of computers upon us. Logic will help us build a foundation to learn things later in life, and will greatly improve mankind's understanding of these logic-based machines along with mankind's understanding of everything else. To quote a famous Vulcan, "It is the logical thing to do."