The Begining

First there was a void; a cold, dark, emptiness that expanded infinitely. Then there was a puppy; a red puppy with a power; the power of fire.

Fear and loneliness immediately overtook the puppy as he was born into the void. Almost instinctively he used his power to create light to see what was around him; he saw nothing. Not wanting to be alone, the puppy began to explore the void, searching for something, anything...

Journeying for what seemed to be forever, the puppy finally found something; another puppy. This puppy was almost identical to the red puppy, except it was blue and had the power of water. Both puppies were happy to meet each other, and even though the puppies had opposite powers, they became fast friends.

Although the puppies had each other, they were still lonely and decided to keep searching the void to see if they can find anyone else. Eventually they came across a purple puppy that had the power of food. Finding this power useless because the puppies didn't need to eat, the red and blue puppies mocked the purple puppy. The purple puppy told them to create a world for him to use his power on and he'll show them just how useful his power is.

The Great Ball

With the request of the of the purple puppy to create a world, the red puppy began forging a great ball of rock in the middle of the void. Once he was finished, the blue puppy covered the rock with water to create rivers and seas that would carve out a landscape. The purple puppy watched them work hoping that the red and blue puppies would be just as impressed with his power, as he was with theirs.

Once the world was finished, the red and blue puppies watched the purple puppy with anticipation. The purple puppy started flying around the world creating plants and animals everywhere. Everything from grass to fish to cows began appearing all over the world. There was a problem though, it was all dead.

The purple puppy looked at the lifeless world sadly and regretted ever coming up with this idea. The blue puppy comforted him and suggested that they go back searching the void for a solution and the red puppy agreed. The purple puppy smiled and the three of them went back searching the void.

After a long search, the three puppies finally came across an orange puppy. This puppy was different from the others; this puppy was a she. The three puppies asked her if she could help, and she said she could. The four of them headed back to the great lifeless ball.

When the four of them arrived at the great ball the orange puppy looked down at all the dead plants and animals and began using her power on them. Slowly everything started coming to life, the animals rose up like they were asleep and the plants turned from brown to green. The puppies were happy and looked down upon their creation with amazement.

The Poochies

As amazed as the puppies were with their newly created world, it unfortunately couldn't keep their interest. They were only able to watch plants grow and animals eat for so long before they got tired of it. They needed something new to entertain them and they all agreed on creating a more complex life form.

The four puppies began to work on a life form that would be smart enough to think of new ideas and follow them through. Something that would keep surprising them and keep their interest. They were so happy and excited that they even made the life form look like the puppies. The four puppies created "poochies".

The puppies were happy and watched their new creation in anticipation, but the poochies didn't do anything different from the rest of the animals. They seemed to be unmotivated to do anything but prance around and eat. Disappointed the four puppies decided to go back searching the void for a solution.

After a long search they came across a beautiful pink puppy. The orange puppy explained the situation and asked her for help while the other puppies just stared. The pink puppy said she could help and they all started heading back to the ball. On the way there they found a green puppy. They were unsure if they would need his help or not, but asked anyway. The green puppy said that he too could help and went back to the ball with the others.

When they got back to the ball they asked the green puppy to go first. He used his power and started covering the ball in sparkling stones and shiny metals. The poochies noticed these and started to collect them. The puppies were happy and watched the poochies enjoy their new toys. Unfortunately their enjoyment was short lived as the poochies started fighting each other over them.

The puppies panicked and quickly started burying everything the green puppy created under the ground. The green puppy apologized and the others forgave him. Unsure of what to do, they looked to the pink puppy to see if she could help. She cast her power of love onto the poochies and they slowly began to stop fighting and start playing with each other. Instead of taking their new toys away from each other, they started giving them to each other. The puppies were happy and watched as the poochies would dig up the sparkling stones and give them to other poochies.

The Rise of the Poochies

Although it didn't show, the poochies were still greedy and while trying to outdo each other, they would end up creating new things. They would learn how to make fire for smelting the metals together with the stones and making jewelry to give each other. They would use other metals and stones to build homes, each one more magnificent than the last. All this work eventually lead to the creation of a beautiful kingdom that would sparkle all different colors when only the smallest amount of light hit it.

The puppies were quite pleased and decided to create a ball for themselves to live on to look down upon the poochies from. Everyone was happy, except for the red puppy. He was sad that the poochies were able to teach themselves his power and felt useless.

The Rise of the Giants

The red puppy told the other puppies that the poochies were getting boring and needed a push for more exciting things to happen. He suggested creating a life form for the poochies to fight. The other puppies didn't like the idea of forcing the poochies to fight. He said that something more powerful then the poochies but not as smart as them would force them to use their minds more to win. He went on saying that in the end the poochies would be even smarter and create much grander things. The other puppies didn't like the idea, but agreed that it would be better for the poochies in the end.

The puppies went to work on creating an enemy for the poochies. They created a huge giant that would walk on two legs instead of four to make it look even bigger. They unleashed it at the edge of the poochie kingdom and watched the poochies panic and run away. The red puppy watched happily while the other five started growing nervous. Things looks very bad for the poochies and the blue puppy was about to use his power to drown the giant when suddenly a massive army of poochies came marching out of the kingdom and quickly slew the beast. All the puppies cheered... all but the red puppy.

The red puppy said it was too easy and said that they need to make a giant army. The other puppies saw how easily the poochies took care of one and thought more giants wouldn't be a problem for the poochies. They created a small army and placed it at the other side of the poochie kingdom. They watched sadly as the giants started tearing apart the kingdom, but cheered as the poochie army came to stop them.

The red puppy was getting annoyed that his plan was failing. He decided to help the giants by giving them his power. The other puppies saw this and got mad at him. They tried to stop him but it was too late. The giants began to destroy the poochies. The puppies panicked and began trying to use their powers against the giants, but only the blue puppy had a power strong enough to do anything, and even that wasn't enough. The giants burned the poochie kingdom to the ground and started enslaving any poochies they didn't kill.

The puppies were enraged. They sent the red puppy back into the void and told him never to return, but the red puppy resisted. The blue puppy used his power to keep the red puppy away from their small ball, but he wasn't powerful enough to keep him away from the great ball below. The red puppy stuck around and the remaining poochies moved underground to hide from him and the giants.

Still to this day, the red puppy flies over the great ball chasing after the other puppies on their smaller ball, and every time it rains, that's the blue puppy using his power to fight away the red puppy.